Avoiding controversial topics
doesn’t work. We can help.

We’re here for the conversation you need to have, even if it’s not the conversation you want to have.

Do you want high-performing teams? Are you looking to build a culture that welcomes open inquiry, discussion, and dissent? Both require high levels of trust. And a high level of trust requires open communication, including—or especially—when it comes to sensitive and controversial issues.

We help you improve the culture through open communication and mutual understanding.

What We Do

Our approach is based on an understanding of The Certainty Trap

Ideological division is at your doorstep. Through our seminars, workshops, trainings, and consulting, we help you keep communication open. 

Why do I need this?

Our work helps organizations, companies, and other groups figure out how to communicate when it comes to some of the most difficult and controversial questions we face today. The goal is not to change minds, it’s to provide people with the tools to advance understanding and constructive engagement in the face of disagreement.

What they say

We'd love to discuss how we can help.